A common question we come across is: Are exterior shutters out of style? Let us explore this question. Have you ever heard the terminology, “functional shutters”? Originally, shutters had a real purpose. They were used to protect homes from the weather and intruders.

A fun fact about shutters is that a lot of the old homes that you find today in Charleston, Virginia, New England, had raised panel, lower shutters and louvered upper shutters on windows. The reason they have different styles is because each style had a different purpose. On the lower windows, people wanted the option to close their shutters for security. On the upper windows, they would want to have the breeze come through. Before homes had fans and air conditioning, people needed a way to release the hot air that would accumulate upstairs. The solution was to use louvered shutters that would allow air to flow much easier.

Today, the circumstances are much different. Modern windows come equipped with glass so they have the security feature built in and they open & close which means you can control the air flow. However, in areas that experience heavy winds or frequent storms, functional shutters come in handy. You can close them up and use them for their original intended purpose.

In the vast majority of cases, exterior shutters are merely decorative. If you are a homeowner, or a future homeowner, then you know that curb appeal is top of mind. Homes with polished exteriors sell for more. When you are getting ready to sell your home, your realtor will recommend sprucing up your landscaping, cleaning the outside of your home, and taking care of any outdoor repairs.

Because exterior design and curb appeal is so important for home value, we can only say that, yes, exterior shutters are in style.