Shutters were originally designed for functionality. Today, they play an important part in adding curb appeal and character to a home. Classic exterior shutters are a key element of the overall window ensemble and a detail that helps pull the whole exterior design together.

Originally shutters were designed with a purpose. They were used to provide protection from the elements, privacy, security, and control air flow. Historians believe that the first shutters were used in Ancient Greece and constructed of marble with fixed louvers. Because marble is a heavy material work with, as time went on, wood became the go-to material for exterior shutters.

Raised panel shutters, or solid panel shutters were called “shutters” and the louvered styles were called “blinds”. You find people with louvered shutters for interior and exterior use today. In the 1700s, louvered shutters gained popularity in places with warm climates, because you could operate the louvers you could easily control the airflow in the home while keeping your shutters closed. They were commonly hung on the second story for this reason. Louvers added another layer of functionality; by pointing downward, they help shed water away during a rainstorm.

In lieu of window panes, exterior shutters were essential for every home. Imagine waking up and opening your shutters in the morning to let the sun and fresh air in and closing them off at night to keep the air out and for security. Shutters in the past were as essential as operable windows with shades are today.

If you are looking to bring history and tradition to your home, we recommend considering functional exterior shutters to really bring your home to life! Th exterior shutters become even more appealing with the addition of hardware and shutter dogs.