Can you make your home stand out with a neutral color palette? Often we see homes in a neutral color tone. Why is that? Neutrals typically serve a purpose to be the backdrop for more bold colors and textures, a method used so no colors are over-powering each other. You are also less likely to get tired of a neutral color. Imagine choosing a bold siding color only to have color fatigue after a few years. So, are you thinking about designing your exterior around neutrals? Let’s take this home as an example, both the siding and the trim are neutral colors, that fabulous door is the focal point, and it makes the greens from the landscaping even more vibrant.

Our clients transformed their entire home into the star of the show, not by changing the color palette, but by adding neutral, albeit darker, raised panel shutters! The contrast is what makes exterior of this home interesting and eye catching. It is now a head-turner! Take a good look at the picture below, nothing else about the exterior design was changed. We still have that fabulous door and the vibrant green landscaping except now, the home itself isn’t over-shadowed. Why? Because Neutrals are classic and pairing light and dark versions of the same color is a genius tactic.

Designing Your Exterior Around Neutrals with Raised Panel Shutters

Bottom line, exterior neutral color palettes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Monochromatic colors, for shutters and houses, remain a popular choice among designers. Designing your exterior around neutrals help onlookers see how the entire exterior design flows together. With a little research and inspiration from your favorite home and living magazines, you can find neutral colors that suit your tastes without feeling boring or mundane. Click here for another neutral beauty.